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Platform: Issues


As Monroe County works to rebound from the COVID crisis, we need legislators who understand that investments need to be made into small businesses and the workforce. If elected, I will work to:

  • Create grants up to $20K for small businesses opening up

  • Get folks into livable wage jobs with a $2.5 million investment in Workforce Development

  • Support arts programs that have been impacted by closures

  • Work with the community to determine how to use American Rescue Plan dollars

  • Protect taxpayers by keeping the Monroe County tax rate flat 


We all want our families to live in safe, healthy neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the Republican-led legislature gutted public safety funding to create a $2 million dollar slush fund for their own gain. I will fight to keep our community safe by:

  • Restore the $600,000+ that was taken from the Sheriff's Department by the Republicans in the legislature

  • Further invest in the FIT & IMPACT programs

  • Allocate AMR funds to services for Violence Reduction

  • Engaging the community to identify priorities for recovery dollars that target violence reduction, while also supporting victims and their families

  • Investing in the Department of Public Health to ensure they have the resources they need to finish the fight against COVID-19 and battle the opioid crisis


Greece residents deserve a legislator who can get us back to basics- by making investments where they matter most.  As your county legislator I will prioritize:

  • Investing in our County Roads & other infrastructure

  • Supporting initiatives that bring renewable energy to Monroe County

  • Investing $7.5 million in Monroe County Parks

  • Finding a common-sense plan to keep our students and young people here

  • Providing support services for mental health and our veterans

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