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Public service is in Miles' DNA. The grandson of an NYPD officer and Purple Heart recipient, Miles was drawn to working in the public sector to make a difference where it matters most, leading to his career in government.

In each role that Miles has held, he has been given the opportunity to connect with folks on all ends of the political spectrum. His major takeaway was that no matter who he spoke to, one thing remained the same- everyone is frustrated with the status quo, and no one wants more of the same.

Miles knows that in order for Greece to receive the representation it deserves, the political games need to stop. Addressing issues like job creation, the opioid epidemic, and the fallout of the COVID pandemic require a leader who is not only willing to listen to his constituents, but will proactively reach across the aisle to get the job done. 

The time for accountable representation is now. Let's get to work!


Raised in Greece and a graduate of Greece Central School District, Miles is proud to call this community his home. He spent his childhood playing baseball in Badgerow Park, and fondly remembers his time at Greece Odyssey.

After high school, Miles attended SUNY Geneseo where he studied Political Science, and interned with Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer. After his graduation, he took one of his first jobs with the Rochester Red Wings, and eventually began working on local campaigns. Miles' experience includes working as an aide to County Executive Adam Bello, and he has recently joined the team of State Senator Jeremy Cooney.

In his free time, Miles enjoys cheering on the New York Mets, trying new local restaurants, and joining his girlfriend for puppy walks in Basil Marella Park.

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