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April 30, 2021

Greece students and their families deserve leadership that accepts and cherishes the diversity in our community. Sean McCabe should be ashamed of his actions on Twitter. Retweets or not, a sitting Board of Education President should not be promoting hate speech on a public platform.  The content is visible to our students, many of whom belong to communities singled out in McCabe’s tweets.

Adding an after-the-fact disclaimer to a Twitter bio, or hastily deleting tweets, will not undo the damage this content has brought to our district. Student success hinges on children feeling safe and welcomed both in and out of the classroom, and parents deserve to have confidence that the district will promote a healthy, inclusive learning environment. Racist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant sentiments have no place in our schools. 

I believe that it is in the best interest of Greece students, and  their families, that Mr. McCabe  immediately resign from his position as Board of Education president.

-Miles Cunning

Note: WROC Coverage of this story is available here

Image by Brett Jordan
McCabe Twitter Controversy: Press
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